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Top Signs Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Having issues with your brakes is one of the biggest car hazards you might experience yet sometimes you might not know until it's too late. Here are some things to keep an eye out for;

Brake Pedal Vibration

Any shaking caused by the brake pedal must be handled promptly. This most likely indicates that your car has warped rotors. If the rotors are warped, the brake pads will not have a smooth texture to rub against, reducing the stopping power of your vehicle.

Stopping the vehicle takes longer than before.

This is known as brake fade. The most prevalent sort of brake fade happens when the brake pads become overheated. When your brake pads come into prolonged contact with brake rotors, they heat start losing their capacity to create friction. As a result, your car takes longer to stop. Other causes of brake fade include caliper overheating and improperly fitted replacement brake pads. Furthermore, warming the brake pads can cause glazing, or stiffening of the brakes pad material, which subsequently passes to the rotor

Making Grinding Noises While Stopping

When you apply the brakes, a grinding or screaming noise is among the most prevalent indicators of brake failure. This is usually an indicator that the brake pads are worn out. The noise you're experiencing is metal crushing on metal, indicating that the brakes need to be serviced right immediately.

A Burning Odor While Applying Brakes

A burning odor is the worst thing to notice when driving your car. If you experience a burning odor while applying the brakes, this might indicate that your brakes have been burned up. You should stop your vehicle as quickly as possible to investigate a probable reason. Otherwise, you risk boiling your transmission fluid, which can lead to brake failure.

Soft Brake Pedal

A soft brake pedal indicates that the brakes are worn and should be changed. However, this condition might be caused by far more serious and hazardous disorders. If your brake pedal is spongy or sits closer to the floor, this might indicate that there is gas in the brake system or your brake fluid is leaking.

Brake Service in Memphis, TN & Surrounding Areas

Every time you go for maintenance and servicing for your car, ensure the brakes are checked. But in case you forgot and need brake service, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Winchester Tire & Alignment today!

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