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Signs of a Blown Head Gasket

The engine head gasket is a significant part of your car, SUV, or truck. It is a part that sits between the cylinder head and engine block, responsible for sealing and separating coolant and engine oil. Your head gasket needs to work properly for your engine to get the lubrication and cooling it needs.

The head gasket is exposed to extreme engine pressures and high temperatures. Over time, it can break and blow off, causing leaks. A blown head gasket is a problem you will not miss and cannot overlook. That is why it is important for us to educate you on how to spot the signs of a blown head gasket:

Sign #1: Leaking Fluids

If you notice a fluid puddle near the front of your vehicle, you should assess whether it is motor oil or coolant. Either one of these leaks can indicate that your head gasket is failing. When your vehicle runs low on this fluid, it can cause your engine to overheat.

Sign #2: White Exhaust Smoke

White exhaust fumes are another red flag that your cooling system may be compromised. It means that coolant has leaked out and is getting burned by your vehicle. You should have your head gasket checked pronto.

Sign #3: High-Temperature Gauge

If your vehicle’s engine is running too hot, you will notice the needle on your dashboard’s temperature gauge go up quickly. This means that your engine is not getting enough coolant. You should assess the head gasket to see if the leak is stemming from there.

Sign #4: Milky Engine Oil on Dipstick

Since the head gasket serves as a seal that separates these two fluids, a blown gasket may cause them to mix together. If you go to check your motor oil under the hood, and the fluid on the dipstick appears milky or contaminated, it is a sign that you have a blown head gasket. 

If you suspect that you have a blown head gasket, you should stop driving your car immediately. Otherwise, you can put your vehicle and your life in danger. Please bring your vehicle to the trusted experts at Winchester Tire & Alignment for quality engine repairs.

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