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How to Avoid Transmission Repair

Transmission repair is one of the most expensive types of auto repair, often costing thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, many vehicle owners unknowingly contribute to the wear and tear of their transmission, which can lead to a costly repair. Today, we’ll discuss what transmission repair is and some tips on how to avoid it.

What is Transmission Repair

The transmission is necessary for transferring power from the engine to the wheels, allowing your car to move. The transmission is a complex system of gears, clutches, and other components that work together to shift gears and transmit power. Over time, the transmission can wear down, causing symptoms such as slipping gears, delayed shifting, and strange noises.

Transmission repair is the process of fixing or replacing parts in the transmission. It can include everything from replacing a worn clutch to completely rebuilding the entire transmission.

How to Avoid Transmission Repair

Check your Transmission Fluid Regularly: Transmission fluid lubricates and cools the transmission, preventing overheating and wear. Checking the fluid level and color periodically can help detect potential problems before they become serious.
Use the Right Fluid: Always use the fluid recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Using the wrong type of lubricant can cause major damage to your transmission.
Don’t Overload Your Car: Overloading your automobile can put excess strain on the transmission, causing it to wear down faster.
Use the Parking Brake: Using the parking brake can prevent unnecessary strain on the transmission when parked on an incline.
Get Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including fluid changes and inspections, can help catch potential transmission problems early.
Avoid Sudden Acceleration or Braking: Sudden acceleration or braking puts extra strain on the transmission, causing wear and tear.
Warm Up Your Car Before Driving: Letting your car warm up for a minute before driving allows the transmission fluid to warm up and circulate, reducing wear and tear.

If you notice any problems with your vehicle's transmission, it’s best to have it checked by a professional mechanic as soon as possible. We welcome you to Todd Holliday's Winchester Tire & Alignment for all your transmission service and repair needs.

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