GETTING AROUND WHILE YOUR VEHICLE IS WITH US At Winchester Tire & Alignment, we never want to leave you stranded while we provide you with specialized service for your automobile. For that reason, we offer several convenient transportation solutions to keep you mobile until your car is ready.

Three Ways to Get Back on the Road While You Wait. The following transportation solutions are subject to availability. Whether you need to get back to work, back home or you need a vehicle for an entire week's worth of service, Winchester Tire & Alignment has you covered.

  • Local Shuttle Service
  • Discounted Car Rentals with Enterprise
  • Cash Car Rental

Local Shuttle Service Don't want to wait around for your car to be serviced? No problem. We'll get you back to work or home quickly and in air-conditioned style.

Discounted Rental Cars For extended service times, we can offer discounts on car rentals.

Check for Availability Prior to Your Appointment If you need a ride short-notice of course we'll accommodate you; but to avoid complications and for extra convenience, we would prefer that you call in advance to let one of our representatives know which of the above options most appeals to you. Winchester Tire & Alignment is committed to providing you with independently specialized service for your automobile; and we want to see each of our customers satisfied. Part of that satisfaction involves making sure all of your needs are met. When you need transportation to and from our service shop, Winchester Tire and Alignment is here to help.

Contact Winchester Tire & Alignment today to ask about our transportation solutions. If we have the availability, we'll put you into a new set of wheels until your automobile is ready.